Solidarity with Emin Şakir

These are the first articles and / or news and links about Emin Sakir who one of the leading member of DSIP since his arrest.



Λευτεριά στον σύντροφο Εμίν Σακίρ, μέλος του Επαναστατικού Σοσιαλιστικού Εργατικού Κόμματος DSiP – αδελφής οργάνωσης του ΣΕΚ στην Τουρκία – που συνελήφθη σήμερα από το τούρκικο κράτος και βρίσκεται κλεισμένος στις φυλακές του Μαλτεπέ.


We have also many international comrades (from USA to UK; from Germany to Canada) who personally send messages of solidarity for Emin. Some of these:


-Alex Callinicos (Britain): Freedom to Emin Sakir

-Einde O’Callaghan (Germany): Solidarity from a follow socialist archivist!

-Volkhard Mosler (Germany): Solidarity from marx21

-Charlie Kimber (Britain):Solidarity from the SWP in Britain.

-Memet Uludag (Ireland): Freedom for comrade Emin

– Adnan Ata (Pakistan): Solidarity from Inqalabi Socialists Pakistan. Free comrade Emin Şakir!

– Lene Junker (Denmark) Solidarity from International Socialists in Denmark.


– David Albrich (Austria): Solidarity with our comrade!


-Halil İbrahim Yenigün (USA): And today, my socialist friend Emin Şakir was detained for his work which was nothing but archiving the socialist publications in contemporary Turkey from 50s-60s onwards.





Free Emin Şakir! Solidarity with Emin Şakir! Working on an archive is not a crime – it is outrageous that Emin Şakir is in prison. Please pass on our message of Solidarity to Emin Şakir – from Pracownicza Demokracja (Workers Democracy in Poland)


“Hi . We are shocked to hear of Emin Samir’s arrest. Please send him our solidarity good wishes. We will write to Turkish government to express our disgust at this attack on his democratic rights. Dick and Janet. Manchester England.”


To my dear comrades, I’m a revolutionary socialist from Canberra, Australia. I just read about Emin Sakir. It’s terrible what Erdogan is doing in Turkey. I’ll look out for any rallies in solidarity with Emin and everyone who has been impacted by the regime over there. Victory to the working class of Turkey and all countries! Yours, Paul