About Emin Sakir’s Campaign

Emin Şakir was born in Bulgaria in 1987. He moved to Izmir when he was a child. He graduated from Gaziemir Anatolia Trading High School and he studied computer programming in September 9 University but left the university without completing his study. Emin şakir who is a computer programmer has been living in Istanbul for five years.

Emin Şakir has been member of Revolutiounary Socialist Party in Turkey and currently is party executer in Umraniye county of Istanbul.

Emin is a computer programmer by profession. Besides his professional work, Emin has been invested in journalism and publication. He is also a personnel of Socialist Worker newspaper of Turkey.

Solyayin.com is an online open archive founded by Emin Sakir. This archive includes all the leftist and libertarian publications in Turkey and is a product of Emin Sakir’s intellectual publishing works.

This archive has been used as a resource in numerous academic research and was covered by the mainstream media in Turkey as a valuable, unique and distinguished example of history work.

His work was listed among online resources for Near East studies by some prestigious universities in the world. Below you can find the links to these institutions listing solyayin.com as a resource on their websites:

 Princeton University

 University of Washington

The first month of his arrest: Freedom to Emin Şakir! – 28.12.2017

Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP),  has been in jail for a month.

Emin Şakir wrote in his letters from Maltepe Prison:

“We’re staying as 11 people in a dormitory which is for 28 people. There a less people because it s a dormitory for both arrested and political prisoners. There are 38 people in the dormitory which is just next to us because it is for ordinary prisoners.

Every hour of a day is very well planned here and it is very disciplined. It had started before I came here so it was not very difficult for me to accommodate myself into this daily programme.

Wake up at 7am, 8.25am counting, reading between 9am and 12noon, tea break at 10am, 12noon is lunch time, sleeping time between 1pm and 3pm, free time until 6pm and then dinner and reading again and 12pm is bed time.

Everyday Hürriyet newspaper and Cumhuriyet newspaper of the day before today are brought. I was so surprised when I saw a news in Cumhuriyet about me.

We have a right to use phone every other week on Mondays. Normally it was used to be every week but like many other things this right also has been impaired by state of emergency.

I am staying in a two fold dormitory. The first floor is for common use. It opens to a ventilation area which is 16 steps to 6 steps. There are beds on the second floor.

I am trying to read a lot although it is difficult because of the constraints. It was issued to me that I won’t be given the books sent by you via cargo. Also many of the cards sent by you were not given to me.

During my meeting with my lawyer the door is remained open. All the conversation that I have with my lawyer is listened and sometimes noted. When we object to this kind of things the excuse is always ‘state of emergency’. Also I was searched naked when I first arrived to the prison and the naked search happens all time whenever the prisoners are taken to the infirmary.


HDP’s MP Filiz Kerestecioğlu gave a parliamentary question for Emin Şakir


Filiz Kerestecioğlu, HDP (Halkların Demokratik Partisi – People’s Democratic Party) Group Deputy Chairman and Istanbul MP, asked Minister of Justice “By arresting Emin Şakir, is it aimed at fading away the memory of the politics?”

Kerestecioğlu gave a parliamentary question with the demand of a reply from Abdülhamit Gül, Minister of Justice.

Filiz Kerestecioğlu who said that Emin Şakir was arrested because he was archiving all the left publications on a website continues, “Considering his archive which he has been collecting in order to protect documents and information and make them available by everyone  and preventing these historical documents from being published lead to fading away of those documents. Emin Şakir has been archiving all the left publications in Turkey and his archive has been an important resource for many national and international researcher. The arrest of Emin Şakir is a clear violance of freedom of expression.”

Kerestecioğlu who asked Minister of Justice, “By arresting of Emin Şakir, is it aimed at fading away of the memory of the politics?” also asked why it is a crime to publish the papers and magazines on a web site which had been already published before.


Content of the parliamentary question:

I submit for Abdülhamit Gül’s, Ministry of Justice,information that according to the 98 article of the Constitution and 96 and 99 articles of the Internal Regulation of the Parliament,  ask for a written reply to the questions below:

Emin Şakir, designer of the web site of the Global Peace and Justic Coalition and the member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) was arrested for archiving socialist publications. Considering his archive which he has been collecting in order to protect documents and information and make them available by everyone  and preventing these historical documents from being published lead to fading away of those documents. Emin Şakir has been archiving all the left publications in Turkey and his archive has been an important resource for many national and international researcher. The arrest of Emin Şakir is a clear violance of freedom of expression.

In this regard;

  1. Through which decision Emin Şakir was arrested?
  2. By arresting him, is it aimed at fading away the memory of politics?
  3. Has not the image of Turkey about freedom of speech been damaged by recording of archives which have been an important resource for national and international researchers as a reason of arrest?
  4. Is it a crime publishing the papers and magazines on a web site which had been published before anyway?


Solidarity messages, News, Columns about Emin Şakir since the day he was arrested.


Solidarity Messages


Solidarity with Emin Sakir our comrades in Greece and Nigeria:


Greece: The Greek socialists says: Freedom to comrade Emin Sakir

Λευτεριά στον σύντροφο Εμίν Σακίρ, μέλος του Επαναστατικού Σοσιαλιστικού Εργατικού Κόμματος DSiP – αδελφής οργάνωσης του ΣΕΚ στην Τουρκία – που συνελήφθη σήμερα από το τούρκικο κράτος και βρίσκεται κλεισμένος στις φυλακές του Μαλτεπέ.


Lebanon – al-Manshour: Freedom to Emin Şakir!



Spain – Colectivo Acción Anticapitalista: “Desde Colectivo Acción Anticapitalista, pedimos máxima difusión del caso, para que Sokin, al igual que muchos más encarceladxs políticxs en la Turquía de Erdogán, salgan de la cárcel y sigan contribuyendo a la lucha obrera contra el capital.”


Workers Democracy in Poland

Free Emin Şakir! Solidarity with Emin Şakir! Working on an archive is not a crime – it is outrageous that Emin Şakir is in prison. Please pass on our message of Solidarity to Emin Şakir – from Pracownicza Demokracja


We have also many international comrades (from USA to UK; from Germany to Canada) who personally send messages of solidarity for Emin. Some of these:


Alex Callinicos (Britain): Freedom to Emin Sakir

Einde O’Callaghan (Germany): Solidarity from a follow socialist archivist!

Volkhard Mosler (Germany): Solidarity from marx21

Charlie Kimber (Britain):Solidarity from the SWP in Britain.

Memet Uludag (Ireland): Freedom for comrade Emin

Adnan Ata (Pakistan): Solidarity from Inqalabi Socialists Pakistan. Free comrade Emin Şakir!

Lene Junker (Denmark) Solidarity from International Socialists in Denmark.

David Albrich (Austria): Solidarity with our comrade!

Halil İbrahim Yenigün (USA): And today, my socialist friend Emin Şakir was detained for his work which was nothing but archiving the socialist publications in contemporary Turkey from 50s-60s onwards.

Dick and Janet. Manchester England: Hi . We are shocked to hear of Emin Samir’s arrest. Please send him our solidarity good wishes. We will write to Turkish government to express our disgust at this attack on his democratic rights.


Solidarity call from The Worker’s Front with Emin Şakir: http://marksist.org/icerik/Haber/8400/Isci-Cephesinden-Emin-Sakirle-dayanisma-cagrisi

The Worker’s Front published a solidarity call for Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP).

In the call published on the Iscicephesi.net it says:

“Emin Şakir made a contact with us about having the copies of the magazines called İşçi Sözü (Worker’s Word), Enternasyonel Bülten (International Bulletin) and Mesafe (Distance) in order publish them in his archive and kept contacting with us to add our most current issue’s of our publications into his archive. Also he was a very good friend of us. In Emin Şakir’s archive there were many publications and articles which did not reflect his ideas and which were even poles apart from his own ideas. What he was doing was to made an effort in order to protect the information and making them avaliable for everybody. At the very most, this effort requires award rather than punishment.

We extend our solidarity to Emin Şakir and his party and we demand Emin to be free!”


World Without Boss (Patronsuz Dünya) and Socialist Alternative (Sosyalist Alternatif): “Greaten the solidarity for freedom of Emin Şakir”: http://marksist.org/icerik/Haber/8402/Patronsuz-Dunya-ve-Sosyalist-Alternatif-Emin-Sakirin-ozgurlugu-icin-dayanismayi-buyutelim

“Emin Şakir who is member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) and archived and published all the left, socialist and revolutionary publishings in Turkey on the web site called solyayin.com was arrested by the court on 28.11.2017 and sent to Maltepe Prison.

Emin Şakir made easier acessing and being informed about the history of Turkey’s socialist movement by archiving all the left publications in Turkey. He made a huge contribution to the Turkey’s socalist movement by adding the left publications which were poles apart from his own ideas into his archive.

The captivity of Emin Şakir is an attack of Erdoğan regime against the history of Turkey’s socialist movement. It is the duty of the every socialist movement and individual in Turkey to be in solidarity with Emin Şakir and his party, Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) and to behave accordingly. We announce that as the group of World Without Boss (Patronsuz Dünya) and Socialist Alertanive (Sosyalist Alternatif) we will be in solidarity with Emin Şakir and his party, Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party.

Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity!


Initiative against Thought Crime: Emin Şakir who is member of DSİP was arrested.

Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) was arrested by the court. When it is not possible to have any detailed information about the offense being charged because of the confidentiality order on the file, the reason of his arrest was the web site called solyayin.com which was founded by him as the archive of the publications of all the left organisations in Turkey.


Linkswende from Austria: Freedom to Emin Şakir, our comrade from Turkey!



Linkswende jetzt  (Turn to left, rigth now), a socialist organisation from Austria, published a statement for Emin Şakir.

Linkswende jetzt  (Turn to left, right now), the sister organisation of DSİP (Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party) in Austria published a statement for Emin Şakir who has been arrested a while ago. You can find below the message:

Freedom to Emin Şakir, our comrade from Turkey!

Emin Şakir, member of DSİP (Revolutiopnary Socialist Worker Party) which is sister organisation of Linkswende jetzt in Turkey was arrested. He was accused of publishing various leftist publications on a web site and contributing to the unity of the left in Turkey by doing this.

Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Party was arrested by Turkish officials and put in the prison. He has been accused of bringing the publications of left organisations in Turkey together on a web site. The said web site was aiming at uniting and strengthening the left in Turkey.

The Turkish state launched an terror attack against all the opponents in Turkey after the failed coup in 2016. All the political opposition has been put on the target board. Thousands of people was dismissed or arrested and many of them have nothing to the with the coup.

In Turkey the universities was cleaned up last year. More than 4500 academicians were lost their jobs. Almost 400 academicians were dismissed because they signed a peace petition.



Socialist Worker (UK) – Turkey: Free Emin Sakir


Emin Sakir, a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Dsip) in Turkey has been arrested.

He is charged with archiving socialist material on a website. The site brings together publications from many left organisations.

He has been sent to Maltepe Prison.

The Turkish state unleashed terror against its opponents after a failed coup in 2016. It has targeted all shades of opposition and the Kurdish people.

President Erdogan has ordered the sacking and jailing of huge swathes of people—many of whom did not back the coup.

More than 4,500 academics have been driven from their positions in the last year.

Almost 400 were removed because they had signed a petition condemning the state’s militaristic policies in Kurdish areas and calling for a return to negotiations.

Take action:

Please send solidarity on the facebook page Devrimci Sosyalist Isci Partisi (DSiP)

Using the reference inquiry number 2015/155461 please protest to the ministry of justice info@adalet.gov.tr  and put pressure on the British foreign office by emailing fcocorrespondence@fco.gov.uk


Socialist Worker (USA) – Emin Şakir must be freed



Newspaper Duvar – Nuray Pehlivan: “Emin Şakir who published the literature of the letf on a web site was arrested.

Emin Şakir who is a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) was arrested for publishing the archive of the literature of the left in Turkey on a web site and attending Gezi protests.

Long standing political activist Emin Şakir has been publishing different leftist magazines of diverse range of the Turkish left on the website called solyayin.com and creating a digital library and data source for researchers. His friends are about to launch a campaign for him whom receives many solidarity messages from across a range of political groups.



His lawyer Funda Ata who told that there has been an ongoing investigation for two years due to the web site created by Emin Şakir for publishing the literature of the left says, “His computers at his office and cell phone had been seized but until today we had no information about the content of the file against him since there has been confidentiality order on the file. On the day that he was arrested, the digital decoding of the publications which were compiled to be published on the web site and the digital printout of his phone records were put in the file. Based on these digital publications and his participation in the Gezi protests in Izmir, he was arrested for making propaganda of terrorist organizations.



His lawyer Funda Ata who underlines that the web site which included the digital archive of all sorts of leftist content since 1900s has been used by many people both from Turkey and abroad says, “His right to  defence is being restricted since there is confidentiality order on the case. We have no idea about against whom we are going to plead and what we are going to object to. Sure we are going to object to the arrest but we can not reach the documents in the file. There is a criminal charge but there is no evidence as a base of this criminal charge. The restrictions due to state of emergency tie our hands.

We do not believe that there will be any positive development about our plea in arrest. Because in these days many of the investigations are conducted  based on political tendency and opinion rather than law. Nowadays the general tendency is arresting people. Otherwise a person who went to testify whenever he was asked in these two years and whose address is very well known by the authorities would not have been arrested. Moreover there is no flight risk about my client and there is no possibility of spoliation of evidence. So actually this is an unlawful arrest. We hope that he will be free as soon as possible. We will do our best to take every necessary legal action for him.”


Neynik Web Site – Do you know?

Emin Şakir was summoned to the cort and arrested for archiving the publishings of the left organisations in Turkey in a web site. But the reason of his arrest remains unknown because there is a confidentiality order on the file.


Duvar Newspaper / Nuray Pehlivan: The Archivist of the Left: He Would Have Been Awarded Abroad, In Turkey He Is in Jail


Emin Şakir, who has been an archiver of leftist magazines and newspapers since the birth of the Turkish republic, an activist, a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers’ Party has been arrested on the grounds that he participated in Gezi Protests in 2013, his archival work and the fact that he might be “fleeing the country”.

Although throughout his investigation Emin went abroad and came back several times, the confidentiality in his case has denied his lawyers the chance to plead and this has frustrated libertarian circles.

Emin’s lawyer Funda Ata, whom we have talked and gained information from, about the contents of the case, said that; “The Prosecutor’s Office directed the file from the Anatolian side of Istanbul to Çağlayan. The court will now resume at Çağlayan. We are waiting for the result of the objection we have made.”

To investigate “the crime of archiving” that has entered our lives with the Emin Şakir case, to get an idea about his passion for archiving, activism, we have met Emin’s friends to know him better.  We have talked with Associate Professor. Halil İbrahim Yenigün who has been closely interested in his archive, Emin’s comrades Ziya Dinçsoy and Meltem Oral who is the Chairperson of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers’ Party.

Associate Professor. Halil İbrahim Yenigün who is also a signatory to the “we will not be a partner in this crime” declaration has underlined that he heard from Emin’s project in a conversation at Uskudar and was closely interested in it. He stated that:  “I was the son of one of the most influential writers and magazine publishers of the 1970s and I always thought about how to build a database of Islamic magazines and working on an archive. We talked often about that idea those days. So, I remember that most of our time in that evening while drinking coffee and chatting was talking about the project”.


Yenigün, who underlines that some institutions such as Association of Scientific Etudes (İlmi Etüdler Derneği – İLEM) also collect islamic publications in a way that Emin has been collecting the left publications and they have been supported by the ministry, says, “There is a need of systematic solution to the librarianship and data base problem of Turkey but in this barren environment, especially for the people who are aware of the importance of the shortlived magazines in the ideological history of Turkey, the value of this kind of archive work is self-evident. Personally I am excited by each of these kind of projects. Emin’s work also deserves support from public resources like the others. If he did this work in Europe or North America probably he would have received huge amount of money from public resources. He would have also received prizes from history or political science associations’’

“Turkey is in a new process of wiping out the history and writing a fictional history writing. There is a group pf people repeating the ‘cultural power’ on a level of obsession and perceiving it as something about ‘destroying the existing one’. A severe punisher attack against Emin’s labour is understandable in such an environment although it is still absurd. People who are after a fictional history may be uncomfortable about the works spoiling the mythic historical documents that they wish to extend. This is not a surprise.’’


Ziya Dinçsoy, describing Emin Şakir as a determined, decided and ambitious person, says, “At least two international universities (Princeton University and Washington University) that I know recommend his archive to the researchers working on Middle East and Turkey and show it as a main resource. Because in his website, the archive was transmitted as it is and the interpretation was left to the researcher. This is a work that is bare of any interest and is magnificent.’’

Dinçsoy, who points that Şakir contributed to the formation of another kind of memory, says, “He is being accused by a cliché accusation whereas actually he should have been supported and appreciated. Are we going to write the history through the archivces of rulers, institutions and official agencies or through the genuine archives which is a product of self sacrificing efforts and cross with the memories of oppressed, of people at the below of the society. There is a common cliché in Turkey such as “lets have a look at the archives”. Any incident that happens in front of everybody can be told in different way by different resources; the history full of these kind of stories.  There is a continuity between ıthe arrest of peace academicians and of Emin. It is a useless effort to fight with information, history and memory. Our friend Emin Şakir must be released immediately.”


“I have always known him as Emin who is from İzmir” says Meltem Oral, Chairperson of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers’ Party. When we asked her what she wanted to say she told at length Emin’s passinote struggle:

“Emin has not been doing only archive work but also he is a political activist. He has been participated in many struggles and has had a active role in many campaigns about various rights. And his labour in these campaigns are very valuable. As you know when people talk about ‘politics’ they usually understand something big. But Emin is someone who makes politics by making a big effort on little things.’’

Oral who underlines that Emin is a decisive right defender beyond his archive work says, “If you ask to buy a sugar for tea for the party office he buys it, if you ask him to write an article for the newspaper he writes it; but this not just about doing what has been said, it is about appropriation, he is someone who appropriates the every corner of the struggle. We are not living in a period in which participating in politics, being a political activist, being for rights, justice, freedom and democracy are welcomed. We are not living in a period which is convenient to produce politics. And despite these conditions participating in politics is a very decisive thing to do.” And she emphasise that he is a very valuable comrade.


Oral, who says that initially his interest in archive work was not understood even by his friends, realises how valuable resource is his library and to gather the left publications on the same web site:

‘His archive work was something that I couldn’t understand and see how valuable it is. I even can say that I thought it was something that he was wasting his time. I frequently asked myself that why he was spending so much time on it. I remember once he occupied himself with worrying about how to carry the scanner which we didn’t use at the party office anymore because it was useless to his house and where to put this giant scanner at home. I had been joking about this for a long time. He actually had a smaller scanner at his home but he said that he was going to use that one for the bigger publications. But one day when I used his archive for an article that I was writing and saw that I could go to the from one page to another I was really amazed by his work and thought how important was his work actually. This is a really big labour. The work which we can summerise in a sentence by describing as uploading all the left publications in Turkey actually includes a big work such as scanning, arranging and uploading of thousands of pages which takes hours. And Emin shared this labour with other people. I am a hoarder, but I hoard for myself. Emin did not hide for himself the things that he has hoarded and he opened his archive to everybody without expecting any reward. This  is a work which makes the information and history accessible, and encourages people who want to learn about alternative history. Besides his effort about carrying the memory of the past to today is a very sweet I think! I call everyone to be in solidarity with Emin”.

Oral who says that she thinks that the attacks against the left during the state of emergency is actually targeting the common struggle rather than Emin Şakir himself but also, she adds that the oppression carries the fighting spirit beyond the existing level and enlarges the solidarity both within the country and abroad. ‘’In these days our friends whom we have been fighting shoulder to shoulder for different demands are being arrested for various reasons. This is of course annoying, at the end one of our friends is deprived of his/her freedom. There is a tremendous national and international solidarity for the people who have been arrested so far. This is also the case for Emin; people from Nigeria to Greece; from Britain to Australia sent their solidarity messages to Emin. Again from Turkey, he received a lot of solidarity messages from number of contributors to his archive and different organizations, groups.

Oral who underlines that the solidarity with Emin şakir coming from both individuals and organisations is very important and valuable for both Emin Şakir and the people struggling for freedom. She adds the solidarity shown today freshes our memories and she calls everyone to Beyoğlu on the 9th of December who wants to show their solidarity with Emin. In this political environment, in this political climate in which we have been isolated and separated, this solidarity is not important only because it makes Emin feels better but also it is important because it will make all of us stronger. So I ask everyone who is for democracy, freedom to enlarge solidarity with Emin. We’ll continue to increase this solidarity calls and also we will keep reminding Emin that we’re with him. We’ll send cards to Emin on the 9th of December, 2017 from Galatasaray Post Office. I’m sure that not only his comrades but also his friends will be there. All the individuals and institutions who support the solidarity with him can send their solidarity to him by letters and cards.’’


Etkin News Agency: Members of DSİP (Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party) sent solidarity cards to Emin Şakir


DSİP asked for freedom for Emin Şakir, who is executive member of DSİP Ümraniye branch and who published the archives of the leftist publications on a web site called solyayin.com

DSİP (Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party) made a statement to the press in front of the Galatasaray Post Office in order to ask for freedom for its’ executive member of DSİP Ümraniye branch.

Meltem Oral, co-chair of DSİP, made a speech in the demonstration in which people carried placards saying “Freedom to Emin Şakir” both in English and Turkish and reminded that he was 10 days ago. “He as arrested because he was the archiving the left puplications in Turkey. An effort which would have been awarded somewhere else has been punished in Turkey”.

Oral who says that Emin was struggling for information, archive work and bringing the common values of the left on a web site continues, “Emin put all the left publications on the web site called solyayin.com. He got in touch with the owners of these publications, he asked for their publications. As the web site became popular, the owners of the publications started to get in touch with him. Thus his web site turned into a open archive which grows with solidarity and contributions.”

Oral added that Şakir’s archive has been a resource for many academic history works and and Princeton University and WBashington University included the solyayin.com among the resources for Middle East Studies in their web site seven though the web site is not online anymore today. Oral demanded his release and also removel of the confidentiality order on his file.

After the press release the members of DSİP sent solidarity cards to Emin Şakir who has been held in Maltepe numbered 1 L Type prison.



Emek ve Adalet web site / Nebiye Arı – We will be neighbor again, we will be tarred with the same brush again

Freedom is the right of Zeynep Duygu, Emin and all innocents!

I can still surprised by the detention and arrest of my two dear frineds successively. I am talking about two young people who dedicate their lives to the struggle of fair life for everybody and who are not interested in just themselves but other people too. Zeynep Duygu has been continuing her struggle in Anti-capitalist Muslims and Emin was in DSİP.

The perception of crime works from up to bottom in our country, there is no principle of this perception and there is no proper process of crime. Everything can change with one word from one day to another. We have a life which can be taken with one executive order. When the Chief wants peace then it is the best solution and when the Chief wants war again it is the best solution. The people who wanted peace with him and has kept asking for peace even after him can turn in to traitors in one night and other day your close friends can be jobless.

One day the game is big, and you raid one of the ordinary meetings of human right defenders and arrest 10 of them. And your archaic media can make a black propaganda about them through fictional evidences and fabricated news about two people who even do not live in Turkey by saying that they were aiming at creating a chaos in Turkey. After a long arrest of your friends you are happy again with the release of them. But this time other people are exposed to same nonsenses and our happiness sticks in our gizzard.

We are getting tired, we are suffocated (İsmail, are you suffocated?), we are giving up hope about getting better. Almost every year I find myself writing these kind of pieces.

I have been following Zeynep Duygu for years, I know her works about conscience and justice. We struggled shoulder to shoulder about many issiues even if we were not in the same group. Zeynep’s house was raided by the poliçe but because she was not home she went to testify other day with her lawyer and she was taken to Ağrı after she was detained. She is one of the trustworthy Muslims, I witness.

Emin has become neighbour of me this year, even we have known each other late we became a good friend in a very short time. He was arrested because of the web site called solyayin.com on which he archived all the left publications. When we were chatting he told about his conversations with many left groups about including their publications in his archive and how difficult it was to convince them to give their publications. Emin pursued his life and activites very open, not behind the closed doors. He is a kind of person who can not give any harm to anybody.

There is a confidentiality order on both Zeynep’s and Emin’s files and our chance of seeing and talking to them is very limited.

Before prophecy given to Holy Muhammed his defining characteristic is his reliability. He was so trusted by other people insomuch that even the people who did not like him knew that they could entrust him their belongings and appoint him as a mediator when there is a dispute between people. They were sure that he did not favour anyone because of his privileged position. So he gained the adjective of “most reliable person” because of these characteristics. It is an undeniable fact that the current life of Muslims is far from the life of person whom they take as an example. Until today I had seperated the party degenerated by the power and the people voted for this party but now I do not have any hope about people who are silence against all this cruelty. Muslims in Turkey are the implementers and supporters of the cruelty now. Because they are responsible for every cruelty faced by innocent people they are also responsible from failure of the religion in its’ claim of justice. They have driven us into disappointment and despair as young Muslims.

No, our despair will not make us standing back from the struggle. We will not abandon our friends, comrades and the people who devote their lives to rights and justice to the arms of cruelty! Sure we will find a way out from this darkness and despair. Until we find this way out we will continue to tell the truth against the cruel power which tries to take our friends from our hands by one by.

As Emin said in our last messaging “we will be neighbour again!”. As Zeynep’s last message to her friends, “I have one life; I did not commit any crime, I have no fear.” We will continue to struggle on the right way without any fear!

Freedom to Emin Şakir and Zeynep Duygu Ağbayır!


Marksistorg web site / Can Irmak Özinanır – Why Emin Şakir was arrested?:  http://marksist.org/icerik/Yazar/8412/Emin-Sakir-niye-tutuklandi?

Emin Şakir is our commrade whom we have been struggling shoulder to shoulder for years. He is a hard working person who think in detail. Emin did a great job couple of years ago along with his activities in Revolutionary Socialist Party (DSİP). He founded a internet archive called solyayin.com which makes accesible all the publications of the left in Turkey for everyody.

The archive became well-known and widespread rapidly because it provides ordinary people to access the history of Turkish left without any return. He has not been secterian at all. He included the publications of the socialist group that he never agrees with. This archive was realised not only by people who want to research the history of the left in Turkey but also by jurisdiction. Two years ago his house was raided by the police, his computer was seized. And recently he was arrested as a result of this investigation. Everybody knew that there was an ongoing investigation about him for two years, he has had his passport in these two years, he went abroad several times and came back to Turkey, his adress and activities have been known in this process, there was no suspicion of escape about him so there is no reasonable base for his arrest.

We don’t know the exact accusation against him because there is confidentiality order on his file but as his comrades we know that he did not commit any crime.

But we understand why the rulers see his archive as a crime. For the people who like flexing history out of shape, who like creating the history over again but exclude the those below from the history, exposing the different perspectives of the left is a crime because they want to monopolise the information. Following obscene publication, chasing the journalists, newspapers and opponents is long rooted tradition in this country but as the example of solyayin.com shows none of the publication, none of the word which made a note in the history can be wiped away.

There is a continuity between everything happened during the state of emergency, especially in the universities, and the process Emin has been going through. His arrest indicates that rulers are trying to make impossible to do science along with it is being a clear violation of freedom of expression. By doing this to Emin our rulers say “one science, one history, one reality”.

Wiping away the history, destroying the historical documents, preventing them to be accesible for everyone is a collective badness against humanity. Fortunatelly people like commrade Emin exist. People will acces the information of the truth written not by the rulers but by those below through people like him.


Marksist.org web site / Yıldız Önen: We are vouch for Emin Şakir!


We are member of the same party with Emin Şakir. We have ben fighting in the same political campaigns for years. Emin Şakir is a political aktivist who has been at the center of the many campaigns from a campaign against headscarf ban to education in mother language and the freedom of all oppressed groups and solidarity with Palestinians and against the war policies of USA.

He has been always with the oppressed without any question when it comes to the relation between oppressor and oppressed. He did nit only join the marches of the political campaigns but also he played very important role in these campaigns. He made a big efforts in campaigns like the campaign against the military coups, the campaign for peace in order to get them known by wider public and he designed the web sites of those campaigns. On the one hand he distributed leaflets of the campaigns on the Street, on the other hand he worked hard to make them become known by wider public.

But he was not satisfied by only doing this kind of political activism. He has had a special interest on left, the history of left, the inter-relations of the left and the historical refernces of the differences amon left. This special interest has led him to develop his archive work. None of us has thought that his interest could have got him into trouble.

Emin uploaded all the archives of the left on a digital platform regardless he agrees with them or not. He never answered question about why he makes such an effort to archiving the publications of other left party or group, he just laughed and continued to work on his archive. Ufuk Uras says in an article that he wrote for Emin Şakir: “There is a serious problem of archive work in the left and some foundations are seriously working on this issue. I was very pleased when I heard about Emin Şakir’s archive work. Sharing the materials of the left on an online platform was filling an important gap.” (http://marksist.org/icerik/Haber/8449/Ufuk-Uras-yazdi-Emin-Sakir-niye-tutuklu?)

This archive is a giant work for whom wants to make a research about the history of the left. Emin spent his time, hours, days and weeks to create this archive so other people can save time.

And the state found Emin Guilty because of his this effort.

Now Emin Şakir is in prison.

He is deprived of his freedom.

But when he sees the increasing solidarity network with him he will understand that all the work that he has done, all the slogans he has shouted, all the peace campaigns that he has joined are not for nothing.

Emin Şakir should be with us- in his place in the struggle for democracy, freedom and peace.


Marksist.org web site / Ufuk Uras: Why was Emin Şakir arrested? http://marksist.org/icerik/Haber/8449/Ufuk-Uras-yazdi-Emin-Sakir-niye-tutuklu

I have been lectured in the universities about the left movements in Turkey for years. People who work in this field very well know the shortage of resource on this topic.

There is a serious problem of archive work in the left and some foundations are seriously working on this issue. I was very pleased when I heard about Emin Şakir’s archive work. Sharing the materials of the left on an online platform was filling an important gap.

Today a researcher or a curious person who work on different movements in the left can benefit from this resource free of charge. So asserting the the web site was founded for propaganda purposes is an excessive and unjust interpretation of his effort.

So, let alone arresting him, it is a public duty to congratulate and support him. t

Of course this is the case if you do not aim at abolishing the memory of the politics. In his Sermon, Mustafa Kemal referred to the opposition as the “product of traitor minds”. How can you design a democratic future in the 21st century by evaluating all the oppositions by this tradition? Actually people who have been shackled by their own traditions can not be freed. Falling even behind the main principles of Magna carta is a big injustice to the people of this country.

So do not arrest thought thus you would not become impoverished mentally. Freedom to Emin Şakir!